Ruth vinyl floor

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You can control the size of floor elements such as the width of the floorboards. To do so just make sure to leave a note in the ‘ORDER'S COMMENTS’ field at the checkout.

Please, be aware that the physical backdrop may differ slightly in terms of brightness and colour from the product presented in the shop. This is because each screen is individually calibrated and has different brightness settings, especially if the product is being viewed on a mobile phone or a tablet where contrast is usually higher. In addition, colours will also differ in photographs where a studio light has been used (in comparison to natural light). And lastly, individual editing style can also greatly affect the final outcome distorting the original pattern. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email! Contact details can be found HERE

Technical information:

  • sizes available: between 160cm and 300cm wide and up to several meters long,
  • sizing description explained: 160×200 means: the backdrop measures 160cm in width and 200cm in length,
  • Please, keep in mind that if you’d like to secure standard shipping costs, then one of the floor’s sides CAN NOT be longer than 250cm. If you require a larger floor, then we can split the floor to create two elements or calculate additional shipping costs for your individual order.
  • thick vinyl (generating minor reflections when used with a flash),
  • it is quite resistant to abrasions, the ink doesn’t come off and doesn’t smudge,
  • there is a delicate scent to the backdrop, however, it’s not a strong unpleasant smell as in the case of cheap types of vinyl,
  • the backdrop is cut to size and does not fray,
  • the backdrop can be cleaned using delicate detergents, as well as a cleaning cream such as Cif