How to choose a backdrop ?

To make the process a bit easier we’ve prepared a list of points to go through before placing an order.


  1. Think about your subjects, how tall are the people you will photograph against the backdrop and how are you going to pose them. This information will be key when choosing the height of the backdrop.
    • for adults sitting on benches etc. and/or standing children – the minimum recommended height is 200cm
    • for standing adults – minimum recommended height is 250 cm

    An important thing to keep in mind, in this case, is the distance between the subject and the backdrop, as well as the frame and the focal length of your lens.

  2. Specify the maximum number of models you intend to photograph against the backdrop and how you’re planning to pose them. Stand back holding your lens and check how wide your frame is when your subject is fully captured in the crop, and then specify this value. Remember, we can prepare a custom backdrop tailored to your studio.  
  3. Once you know what backdrop size you need and you’ve picked the pattern, it’s then important to make sure the size selected won’t affect the pattern’s elements distorting your intended composition. For example, look at the pattern, if you can see an element such as doors ending in the middle of the pattern, selecting this pattern without changing the orientation even at 250cm height will result in 125cm high doors. A backdrop with this kind of composition will not create a set-up suitable to photograph adults or even taller children.
    If you’re unsure whether the sizes of the elements on your chosen design will print the way you intend for your set-up, please get in touch and we will make sure to offer help in selecting the best options for your order. Contact details can be found here. tutaj
  4. Please, double-check the cropping of the selected pattern for the ordered size. Cropping to basic sizes can be found in the "Cropping" tab in the product card. If you have any doubts about cropping, leave us a note in the "comments to the order" section, please. You will find this section at the checkout when placing your order. Alternatively, you can call us and have a quick chat before placing your order.
  5. Think about how you intend to hang the backdrop. Make sure to read all the information in the "Finish" tab, found in the product description on our website. You will find all the information on the backdrop’s upper finish there as well as suggestions on how to choose an optimal option for your order. Here’s a list of suggestions with a couple of alternatives:
    • For backgrounds up to 200cm wide:
      An aluminium telescopic pole suspended on tripods. A quick way to set up and dismantle, particularly useful when working on location i.e. in kindergartens, at a client’s home etc.
    • For backdrops over 200cm wide:
      • An aluminium pole can also be used, but with wider backdrops, photo clips are a must.
      • Hanging systems. The top 5cm of the backdrop is attached to an aluminium pole using good quality double-sided tape. It’s very important to stick the backdrop evenly, otherwise, it won’t roll onto the pole properly. In this case, you have to take the ‘extender’ fabric into account. To calculate the length of the ‘extender’, measure the height from the centre of the pole to the ground adding 15-20cm and then subtract the pattern’s height. If you use a double backdrop stand, make sure that the pattern is not obscured.
      • Attaching to the wall using magnets. The backdrop is attached to the wall using neodymium magnets or metal plates attached to the wall (in even intervals) with corresponding magnets on the back of the backdrop. The power/size of the magnets should be adjusted, taking into account the size of the backdrop. 
      • Attaching to the wall with Velcro. A popular method recommended by the Command company.
      • Don't be afraid of tackers or even small nails. They won’t cause the material to flake once taken out.
  6. Never decide about the colour of the backdrop when viewing the design on a mobile phone. If you can, view the product on a correctly calibrated monitor first before placing your order.