Delivery time

An maximum time of order completion is given for each offered product. It gives an estimate of the number of working days from the moment the client provides all the necessary information and instructions required to complete and ship the order.

When placing an order with different processing times for each product, the parcel is normally shipped once the whole order is ready and complete (after the longest time frame specified for the ordered products). If the order is split, individual parcels may be shipped at different times. The customer will be informed about any changes to the shipping method or processing times by e-mail. If for any reason the processing time will be extended than the estimate provided on the website, the company will contact the buyer to inform about the delay and confirm whether they wish to proceed with the order.

Please note that:

date of receiving the parcel = order processing time + delivery time

Depending on the form of payment this time may be additionally extended i.e. in the case of a bank transfer, the above time frame is extended due to the time required to complete the transfer, and in the case of card payment, the time frame is extended by the extra time required for payment authorization by an external payment system.

Shipments are delivered by a specialist courier company or Polish Post. We aim to deliver on the next business day in Poland after the parcel is shipped from our warehouse. The time of delivery outside Poland largely depends on the country of delivery and possible customs clearance for a country outside the EU. Please, be aware that the shop can not be held responsible for delays in delivery caused by the delivery company’s failure to comply with transport and postal service contracts.

Cost of delivery

The cost of delivery depends on the country of delivery as well as the size and weight of the package. The cost is displayed after selecting the place of delivery in the shopping cart of the online store. If products are to be delivered to countries outside the EU, please contact us by e-mail for an individual valuation. Contact details can be found here.


Useful information

  • all our fabric products up to 200 cm are packed together with a spar and a weight. The goods are almost ready to go. You only need to put the tree in the tunnel and throw it over the crossbar, securing it with one clip in the middle so that the background does not fall onto the photographed person. It is also possible to insert the crossbar from the tripod into the tunnel and put the crossbar on the tripod.
  • all backgrounds have a weight which causes the background to hang nicely from the crossbar and even out the background,
  • backgrounds above 200 cm are not shipped with the spar. The weight is cut in half so that the package is smaller. After removing the fabric background, to straighten it, use a shirt steamer or iron it on the left side, using an iron, using its power from the lowest, gradually increasing. The best way to try this is on the top part of the background, as it is usually not photographed like the bottom part.